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Who am I ?

moi, Michel Perloff

Michel Perloff, born April 6, 1946 in Nice.


  • - Urban geograph
  • - Writer and designer of places
  • - Speaker
  • - Visiting professor at the Institute of Architecture in Moscow (Russia)
  • - Honorary Professor at the State Academy of Construction and Architecture Odessa (Ukraine)

  • - University graduate in Literature and Linguistics
  • - Doctor of third degree in Geography

  • - Teacher / researcher for many years to ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Marseille)
  • - Responsible for a team of research entitled "Tools for reflection and spatial planning" (OREADE)

A mostly content-oriented teaching and research on "thinking and writing of urban space" with a reference susceptible to philosophy and art (poetics of space) :

  • - Lectures and tutorials in undergraduate architectural studies
  • - Seminars on specialized public space in the second round of architectural studies
  • - Conferences and papers (in French, Italian or Russian) in France and abroad (Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Ukraine)

Promoter of international cooperation (joint degrees, exchange of teachers and students) with Italy (Politecnico Torino), Russia (Marhi, Institute of Architecture in Moscow), Ukraine (State Academy of Construction and Architecture Odessa)

Participated in project development space in association with artists and architects :

  • - Savona, Italy, liner design of a wall painting (artist Imelda Bassanello) (2001)
  • - Finale Ligure in Italy, development of an art exhibition (2007)
  • - Odessa in Ukraine, a project of a wall / monument commemorating the 40th anniversary of the twinning of the cities of Odessa and Marseille (2010)
  • - Roubion in France (06), design of a course of painted doors (artist, Imelda Bassanello) (2011)

Wrote articles and pamphlets devoted to the urban space, mapping. See the bibliography of the site.

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