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I want to contribute to the disclosure and management of places at human scale in urban public space. I see an action that has a fundamentally political nature with both aesthetics and ethics caracter.
For 30 years I worked as a teacher / researcher in the field of higher education in architecture.
I held conferences and I am also involved in actions on urban public space.
Help me if possible to find again and again words and images to "tell" the public space in the idea of "opening" the meaning of words and the meaning of public space …to make him richer.
The majority of the writings here are in French but there are also texts in English, Italian and Russian.

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Le jeu de l'oie
Snakes and Ladders

This board game is a metaphor for the game of life and chances, it symbolises the mysterious maelstrom with it’s uncertainties, miracles, encounters and serendipity.
The ups and downs of the game presents us with images of living places , populated by actors in the true sense of the word, whether these are people, houses, stones, designs or words on the page. The dice lead us on to the squares we live in momentarily. Our fingers do the walking, stopping a while, moving on…we gaze into the unknown of the future, to the end of the game and our destination, and the dice throws can distract our journey. To reach our goal is the start of a new journey. We might slip down a snake, jump up a ladder but in either case we have already met so many places, and are full of life experiences. Each square vibrates with an increasing intensity, and our destiny becomes increasingly dense.
And the Dice ?
They are the link…they bask in the palm of our hand, and reach into our hearts…and then they spring us up and out, into the world and action…

Qui suis-je ?

© Michel Perloff - Mentions légales - Création : Marion Pruneau